Due to its shape and colour, wood is the right material to use whether one wishes to decorate one's home in a rustic style or in a modern style.
You will be surprised by the diversity and by the originality of our wooden decorations, which make them fit for any home. Vases, candle holders, platters, jewellery boxes, simple decorative objects, all manufactured ingeniously, will bestow upon your home a special, warm ambience.

Each piece of solid wood furniture is designed with a unique individuality and attention to details and is the outcome of an interaction and exchange of ideas with the client. Thus, all our furniture has neat lines and a modern design and it is processed using qualitative technology and the best materials.


At the client's request, we can manufacture various solid wood objects that are not presented on our website. We deliver our products anywhere in the country and our team is available to assemble any pieces that need assembling. We also perform restoration work, for which we employ all our expertise and know-how in order to guarantee that we provide our clients with the best work.